Feb 23, 2020

Devastator toys are a wonderful idea for Transformers fans! Ever since the original Transformers cartoons and figures came out in the 1980s, onee of the most popular Decepticons was always Devastator, the massive beast of a robot that is formed when the Constructicon Transformers join together! In the original cartoons and toys, Devastator was a green and purple monstrosity, but now with his appearence in the movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, a whole new generation gets their own version of the famous Devastator character! Constructicon Devastator is bigger, bolder and more terrifying than ever!

Devastator toys from the second Transformers movie are set to be one of the most popular kinds of toy range around this year, and there are a wide range of them to choose from for all of your young Transformers fans! This is the place to be for the best info on the best Devastator toys available, along with where to find the best prices on the internet! Here you can find reviews of the best Devastator toys for Transformers fans, details on their features and how to get hold of them.

Some of the Devastator toys you can find reviewed right here include the Transformers Movie 2 Combiner - Construction Devastator, which features all six Constructicons you need to form the mighty Devastator, as well as the Transformers Movie 2 Mega Power Bots - Construction Devastator which is suitable for younger children. There are more great Transformers toys to choose from this year, so are you ready to roll out?

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